The latest Big Brother save and replace task had to be cancelled after housemate Keeley fell and hurt her ankle.

The wannabe WAG and the two other nominated housemates in the Channel 4 reality show, Corin and Rachel, were taking part in a task called Spider in the Bath.

They were to be spiders trapped in a giant bath, with the first who managed to escape being allowed to save themselves from the public vote, and replace themselves with one of their fellow housemates to face eviction on Friday.

But as the three began their task, Keeley fell and hurt her ankle. The task was stopped, and Keeley was helped to the Diary Room where Big Brother advised her to ice and elevate her ankle. She has received a visit from the doctor.

As a result, the task was cancelled and the three nominated housemates all face the public vote this week.

Earlier, Caoimhe quit the show. The Irish student walked out after almost six weeks in the house and two weeks after her close friend Shabby also quit.

Caoimhe asked to leave on Monday night, saying she wanted to get back to her boyfriend and family, and saying she was finding life tough in the house. She told her fellow housemates she valued the relationship with her boyfriend more than continuing her Big Brother experience.