Big Brother: Task divides house

The Big Brother housemates won themselves a basic party on Thursday night – but not everybody was in the mood to have fun.

Ziggy found himself worrying about his reputation in the house after having to guess the ranking of his fellow housemates in a number of categories – particularly over his nominating Carole as Most Spineless Housemate and Kara-Louise as Nastiest Housemate.

After it became apparent that both were upset by Ziggy’s comments, he reflected on his decisions with Liam, Brian and Amanda.

“You know when you say the wrong things constantly?” he asked them. “I’m just so good at it. I shouldn’t have put myself forward. People come out of this nicely and other people don’t.

Later on, as housemates partied with only a single cupcake, a handful of Scotch eggs, a can of shandy and a bottle of champagne for company, Jonty addressed the issue with Ziggy.

“What’s happened today has brought up something that hasn’t particularly been vocalised on either side,” he explained, “and that’s that there are two teams here.”

Ziggy denied this but Jonty persisted. “Of those five new people that came in, any opportunity to nominate it was always those five names that kept coming up – and we just happen to be the two that remain from that group.”

“I’m not blaming anybody for that,” he concluded, “but at the same time you can’t expect us to be happy about that situation.”

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