Big Brother: Task passed!

The Big Brother housemates have finally received a luxury shopping budget after two weeks of basic rations – after passing their latest task.

They quickly got down to compiling the shopping list on Wednesday – but there were jitters among the group who were convinced that certain housemates might try and control the list.

There’s gonna be five people doing the shopping,” Liam told Jonty as the list was compiled. “But Brian’s asked me to stand by for moral support.”

Jonty assured the others that Carole would not try and take over – but they weren’t so sure.

“She won’t be fine. Something will go wrong,” Liam insisted.

“Jonty you’re being slightly naïve when it comes to the ways of Carole.” Ziggy pointed out. “She will come and say ‘I’ve just thought of this’. And then she’ll see what you’ve put down and start correcting things.”

Kara-Louise, meanwhile, told she would be happy with anything on the list “in order to avoid an argument”.

“I find it hard,” she told Tracey, “because the things I would want, no-one else would and I don’t want to cause any arguments. But it’s hard to agree with things I don’t want. Really, I’d rather stay out of it.”

“As long as you eat well,” Tracey told her, “it doesn’t matter.”

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