Big Brother: Teddy bears holiday!

The Big Brother housemates have won themselves some special food treats with a task involving Gerry and Jonty’s beloved cuddly toys.

On Thursday afternoon the group was informed that Freddie, Gerry’s bear, and Jonty’s pal Munkitty Tunkitty had gone on holiday together – and it was up to the housemates to work out the places they were visiting in order to win some goodies.

They were told that a series of postcards would arrive in the Diary Room over the course of the afternoon, containing clues as to their locations.

Gerry and Jonty were amused by the prospect of the task. “Freddie always wanted to travel,” Gerry told the others. “Freddie has already been to Greece and Prague.”

“Munkitty Tunkitty has only been in England,” Jonty revealed.”Although he came with me to Wales.”

Brian and Liam took receipt of the first postcard and correctly guessed the pair’s location as Los Angeles, winning a plate of cookies for their troubles.

Meanwhile Sam and Amanda were thrilled to win themselves a platter of seaside rock after correctly guessing that the second postcard came from Blackpool.

And Gerry and Jonty worked out that their cuddly friends were visiting Pisa in Italy – and were rewarded with pizza, much to the annoyance of the other housemates.

“This is like torture television,” groaned Brian as the others watched Gerry and Jonty tuck in to their Diary Room feast on the plasma screen.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to watch,” Liam agreed.

“Big Brother hates me!” Brian winced. “Big Brother wants to hurt me.”

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