Big Brother: Telepathic twins win party

Big Brother‘s birthday girls Sam and Amanda have won themselves a party in the house, the day after their birthday.

The pair landed the prize after Big Brother set them a task to deduce whether or not they had telepathtic powers and could indeed tell what the other twin was thinking.

One twin was situated in the Diary Room, the other was in the dining-room. The one in the Diary Room then had to draw an object, while her sister in the dining room had to sketch what she thought had been drawn.

The pair had to think of the same object at least once in order to win.

As a result of successfully passing the task, they have been given a party in the Vestibule, and invited Liam and Chanelle after being told they could each ask a guest. Liam made the most of his invite by dressing up in drag, donning a pink shirt and skirt to attend.

There was, however, a twist – in that the pink party food provided looked delicious – but tasted horrible. Not that any of the party guests were told, of course…

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