Big Brother: thanks for the memories

The Big Brother housemates have been reminiscing about their time in the house ahead of Friday’s final.

During a chat on the sofas on Wednesday evening, Ziggy, Jonty and Carole were discussing their favourite moments – but Jonty admitted he was having trouble remembering them.

“I think the best bit is us sat here trying to remember our best bits,” he told the others.

Carole, however, was having no such problems – and recalled the moment when Brian stripped off and darted naked around the garden.

“I remember when we were doing truth or dare,” she said, “when he just hurtled out here and ran round and round.”

“I’m worried about taking my socks off in this place,” Ziggy added “and I’d been here a couple of weeks. Brian just bowls in and zips off…”

Sam admitted she was also finding it hard to recall her favourite moments as there were “so many funny bits” – and once again Carole stepped in to help out.

“For Amanda,” she said, “it would have to be when she came and shouted ‘Carole, there’s a bird in the pool’…and it was a moth.”

Cue silence from the twins as the others roared with laughter…

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