Big Brother: The big clean-up!

The housemates had a rude awakening on Wednesday morning – when they discovered that Big Brother had carried on partying through the night.

While they were locked in the bedroom in the small hours, Big Brother celebrated its birthday by trashing the house, leaving food lying around, a pile of jelly in the garden and what looked like a pool of vomit on the floor.

Carole was first on the scene, followed by Tracey and a shocked-looking Charley.

“Why did you do that?” she screamed at Big Brother. “You horrible man!” She was further enraged when she and Nicky found a pile of cigarette butts in the garden and chairs floating in the swimming pool.

Carole and Tracey set about clearing up – only to be told by Big Brother that all the people who provided entertainment at the party would be given the day off, and in fact those who were guests at the party would have to clear up.

In a further twist, Carole was called to the Diary Room and ordered to wear a pair of boxing gloves to prevent her from doing any cleaning. She has been told she must wear them until further notice.

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