Big Brother: The calm after the storm

Charley and Chanelle confided in their fellow Big Brother housemates on Monday night following their huge row in the house.

While Chanelle talked things through with a sympathetic Ziggy in the living area, Charley shared her feelings with Carole and Tracey in the bedroom.

“She just doesn’t like me being in here,” Charley complained. Carole, however disagreed.

“Chanelle has said that you frightened and intimidated her in the past,” she pointed out, “but I don’t believe that someone can do what she did and be frightened and intimidated.”

Chanelle, meanwhile, was being reassured by Ziggy, who called her “the most caring and amazing girl”.

“You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself,” he said, “which is something good to have. You felt you were getting walked over the first couple of weeks and you’ve stood up for yourself today.”

Chanelle said nothing as Ziggy offered his thoughts.

“You may have said a word today that you’re gonna feel bad about,” he added, “but at the end of the day Charley’s picked on you. That’s how you feel.”

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