Like eager campers the 11 ladies in the Big Brother 8 house have held a meeting to divvy up the chores.

Much shouting, complaining and interrupting ensued, before each of the housemates walked away with their own personal area of responsibility.

Professional cleaner Tracey quickly volunteered to do the washing up, with Charley opting to do sweeping and vacuuming.

Other chores – such as cleaning the mirrors – seemed to go round housemates like a game of pass the parcel.

Lesley made her wishes clear, saying: “I’ll take charge of three things. I’ll do the mangle, post-modern irony – because someone has to do it – and I’ll adopt the tree outside.”

There were prolonged discussions about who would clean the toilet, before a decision seemed to be made to share the pleasure around.

Afterwards, a clearly-bored Tracey asked if the meeting was ‘officially over’, Carole and Laura headed to the diary room to ask Big Brother for cleaning supplies.

Clearly more intent on having fun, twins Sam and Amanda jumped straight into the pool with Shabnam and Nicky.

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