Big Brother: The last supper

The Big Brother housemates have been treated to dinner, wine and music to mark their final night in the house.

The group were told on Thursday night that Big Brother would be providing them with a three course farewell dinner, and they had an hour to get glammed up for the occasion.

They were also told that after dinner each one of them had to make a farewell speech summing up their time in the house.

Jonty stood up first and thanked the others for making him feel welcome, while a giggling Sam was almost lost for words.

Liam sang the individual praises of each of his fellow housemates, while Brian was straight and to the point. “This group is so major – you let me fit into it and I’ve got to say thank you for that,” he said.

Amanda also delivered a short speech, while Ziggy’s bordered on the sentimental, saying he was “amongst friends” and that whoever won would make him “proud”.

But the most offbeat speech was delivered by Carole, who summed up her Big Brother experiences in rhyme, describing all the housemates – including herself – before the inevitable soppy conclusion.

“The ins and outs, the roundabouts, the argy-bargies, but what can I say?

You’ve made it all the way, and no one can take that from you,” she said, before proposing a toast.

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