Big Brother: The never-ending party!

The housemates have been attending Big Brother‘s birthday party, as part of this week’s shopping task.

On Tuesday afternoon the five housemates nominated as party guests – Gerry, Nicky, Ziggy, Sam and Amanda – were given special outfits to wear and told to make their way to the ‘party room’.

Once inside, they were treated to party food, cuddly toys and a ball pool – while being instructed to take part in dancing and party games.

However, like all Big Brother tasks they discovered there was a twist – that the party was going to go on until Big Brother had had enough, and that they had to have fun at all times or risk their host having a tantrum.

As such, the guests were made to party well into the evening, dancing repeatedly to the cheesy pop hit Agadoo and playing a game which required them to stand frozen for as long as possible.

The other housemates were given the task of providing the party entertainment – Carole was party artist, Charley and Tracey were clowns and Brian had to provide music as a one-man band.

Liam and Chanelle, meanwhile, were the party magician and assistant, and wowed the guests with their magic tricks as the evening wore on.

If the housemates manage to complete the task they will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget – but if they fail they will have only a basic budget.

You can see images from the party in our photo gallery.

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