Big Brother: The Room of Nicky

Nicky has become the latest Big Brotherhousemate to take part in the Seven Deadly Sins Task – by being sent to her own personal room.

The 28-year-old, who was branded the most Envious housemate by Carole, entered The Room Of Nicky on Tuesday morning.

The specially modelled room was full of pictures of Nicky, while she was shown clips of herself in the house on a plasma screen, and made to wear ‘The Jacket Of Nicky’, which had her name on the back.

Big Brother told her she needed to stay there until she started to appreciate herself a bit more, and made her list 30 of her good points.

While she managed to reel off 20 with ease, the final 10 were a bit more of a challenge. She eventually rounded off the list by deciding she was “hard-working, respectful of other people’s feelings and friendly.”

“Can I just say thanks for my task, Big Brother?” she added. “I have got a lot of good points and I need to remember that, dammit.”

Afterwards she told the other housemates it had been an odd experience.

“It was a bit freaky after a while,” Nicky said, “but I admit I quite enjoyed it.”

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