Big Brother: the shrinking group

The Big Brother housemates have been reflecting on their reduced numbers since the departure of Tracey and Kara-Louise on Friday night.

Ziggy kicked things off after the pair had left. “Small group now huh?” he asked the others.

“This is it” agreed Carole.

“This is everybody,” added Jonty. “So we need to look after each other.”

Later on, Carole and Jonty discussed how they thought they would fare with the public voters.

Do you think our age is going to do for us?” he asked Carole.

“Yeah I should think so,” she said. “Actually it’s not necessarily our age… I think it’s to do with our progress throughout.”

“But then, if the majority of people didn’t like us we wouldn’t be sitting here,” Jonty pointed out.

Last night, after the eviction, the phonelines were opened for members of the public to start voting for who they want to win the series.

Sam and Amanda remain the hot favourites to win, followed by Brian and Liam. Carole, Jonty and Ziggy are all outsiders.

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