Big Brother: They wanted me out, says Tracey

Big Brother evictee Tracey has told Davina McCall that she wasn’t surprised to have been booted out of the house after surviving eviction four times.

“I couldn’t go on,” said the 37-year-old who, along with Kara-Louise, was one of two people voted out of the Big Brother house on Friday. “My time was up. Simple as that.”

Tracey – whose hair had been restored to its former pinkness in preparation for possible eviction – admitted she had had an “emotional” week and had been quite upset to be nominated yet again.

However, she simply shrugged when shown the footage of Carole, Ziggy and Kara-Louise nominating her.

And she explained just why she had had such an issue with Gerry – who openly confessed to a dislike of her during his eviction interview the previous week – lying about his age.

“I don’t have liars in my life,” she said. “He fibbed me since the day he walked in. And why lie about your age? Move on, grow up.”

Kara-Louise, meanwhile, was shocked to learn that she had been evicted by the narrowest of margins, scoring just 0.1 per cent more of the public vote than Jonty. The 22-year-old admitted she had found life in the house hard.

“You don’t realise quite how difficult it’s going to be until you actually get there,” she told Davina McCall. “When you’re watching, you feel like something is happening all the time.

“But when you get there there are great periods of time when there is actually nothing to do. You don’t realise that little things can really get to you and upset you.”

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