Big Brother: Time travel task failed!

The Big Brother housemates are facing a week of basic rations after failing their time travel task.

The news was broken to the housemates by Liam, who was summoned to the Diary Room on Tuesday evening and given one final trip in the time machine to receive the news that the group had failed.

Over the past few days, they have been travelling backwards and forwards in time completing a string of tasks appropriate to the years they have landed in.

Ziggy, Carole, Gerry and Tracey attempted to invent electricity in the Victorian era, Brian and Kara-Louise played basketball with Alex and Adele from BB3, while Liam, Amy and the twins were transported back to prehistoric times and had to create fire and skin dead animals.

However they failed four of the individual tasks, leading to a failure for the whole group.

Between them, the Victorian time-travellers failed to invent electricity, Brian and Kara-Louise were beaten by Alex and Adele at footballand darts, and the prehistoric time-travellers failed on the fire task.

Finally, Gerry and Jonty failed to score enough points on a history quiz Big Brother set them.

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