Big Brother to introduce four new housemates in the ‘Timebomb massacre’

Big Brother is wielding the eviction axe against four housemates on Friday night – and will offer their places to new contestants.

The news was announced on Wednesday’s main show, when Jack McDermott was told that those up for eviction were now safe.

Instead, those who had not been nominated could be booted out, but warned not to reveal the twist to anyone else.

Big Brother

Jack and Jade will both be safe from eviction (Channel 5)


And there was a further shock to come, as Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark explained to viewers.

He said: “Just to recap, the six nominees are no longer up for eviction. Instead, the formerly safe housemates have taken their place except Jack who used the second of his three immunity passes.

“But that’s not all. Because for the first time in Big Brother history four housemates will be evicted on Friday night and replaced by four new ones! It’s the Big Brother Timebomb massacre.”

Jack has been excused from the evictions as he had previously won an immunity Timebomb during a task, granting him three chances to save himself from leaving the house.

Big Brother

Jack was offered the chance to be immune from eviction (Channel 5)


He was offered the chance to save another housemate with the pass and even to exchange his place in the show for a car worth £27,000, but Jack opted to use his second immunity pass for himself this week and was told he would be removed from the house if he spoke to anyone else about his deal.

Aaron, Cristian, Eileen, Jade, Joel and Nick had all originally been up for eviction after being nominated by the others, but are now safe from being booted out tomorrow night.


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