Big Brother: Tracey in ‘message’ probe

Big Brother’s Tracey is reportedly facing an investigation about whether she’s using a secret code to send messages to the outside world.

TV execs think the 36-year-old cleaner may be contacting friends and family with messages disguised as slang, reports the Sun.

They became suspicious after other housemates went to the Diary Room to complain. Staff say she is under investigation after using the words and phrases, ‘Have it!’, ‘Yeah baby!’, ‘Phat’, ‘Sketchy’, ‘How’s it going?’ and ‘It’s all gravy’.

A show insider said: “We have become increasingly concerned. Several housemates have complained about Tracey’s catchphrases. They say she just comes out with stuff at random. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It has nothing to do with the conversation they are having.”

The raver has become a firm favourite with viewers – but she could face the same fate as last year’s Dawn who was thrown out for sending covert messages to her pals on the outside.

“There is genuine concern that she could be passing messages to the outside world,” the source continued. “The phrases could be used to tell friends how she’s feeling and what’s happening to her in the house.

“It is fundamentally against the rules. If she passes messages to the outside world she will be taken out of the Big Brother house.”

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