Big Brother: Tracey says Chiggy romance was ‘fake’

Big Brother’s Tracey has sparked a row between the housemates by claiming that the relationship between Ziggy and Chanelle wasn’t genuine.

Tracey, 37, made the comments during a lie detector test undertaken by housemates as part of a special Big Brother task.

Ziggy, 26, later asked her to explain her comments.

He said: “You said that I had been fake.

“It was one of the truest things I’ve done in my life.”

Tracey replied: “I didn’t believe it.”

Fellow housemate Gerry leapt to Ziggy’s defence, saying: “No, it was true.” Jonty, a 37-year-old museum assistant, also attempted to dispel the tension.

However, the row continued to escalate, with Ziggy telling Tracey: “You have no friendship with me at all.”

Former boyband member Ziggy had a tempestuous on-off romance with former housemate Chanelle earlier in the series. The couple’s fallouts led Chanelle, 19, to voluntarily leave the house last month.

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