Big Brother: Tracey wants some peace

Tracey has told Big Brother she is fed up with the arguments in the house, following Charley’s row with Brian on Wednesday night.

The 37-year-old – who is up against Charley for eviction this week – came to the Diary Room on Thursday morning after witnessing the huge shouting match between her and Brian in the bedroom, in which Brian called Charley a ‘South London It Girl’ and told her to ‘fly off on her broomstick’.

“Brian went off on one in the bedroom this morning and got overwrought,” Tracey told Big Brother, “and Charley was winding him up about where he lives and it wasn’t very nice.”

“Brian just went off on one and I can understand it. But as usual it got out of order, as it does in here, blown out of proportion.”

The raver went on to say that she hates arguments and the latest one had cast a shadow over the house.

“Doesn’t make for a happy household,” she reasoned. “There’s an argument nearly every other day in here and no, I don’t like it.”

“But Charley’s a big character in here. And as we get fewer and fewer, the public might like to see the arguments carrying on. Well, between her and Chanelle anyway, unfortunately,” Tracey concluded.

She may not have to put up with it much longer though, since Charley is red-hot favourite – with odds of 1-500 – to get the boot on Friday night.

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