Big Brother: Tracey’s greed to be truly tested

Big Brother housemate Tracey will be next to have her vice – greed – tested in the Seven Deadly Sins task.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother will make Tracey an offer she must refuse if she is to pass her task, but it will mean turning down the one thing that means a lot to her – tobacco.

Big Brother will initially offer Tracey one extra nomination. If she says no, Big Brother will increase this offer to two extra nominations.

If Tracey declines this offer, Big Brother will offer her two extra nominations and a pack of tobacco – and keep increasing the offer until two extra nominations and an unlimited supply of tobacco is reached.

If Tracey says ‘I’ll ‘ave it!’ at any point, she will fail the task and jeopardise the housemates’ weekly shopping budget.

On Sunday Carole nominated herself the ‘most insightful’ housemate and matched the others with their most appropriate ‘sins’.

Amanda (Pride), Charley (Wrath) and Ziggy (Gluttony) have already had their resolve tested leaving Laura (Sloth), Liam (Lust) and Nicky (Envy).

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