Big Brother: Trio face double eviction

Kara-Louise, Jonty and Tracey have been nominated for eviction for the Big Brother house this week – with two of them set to go on Friday.

In the final round of nominations this series, the 22-year-old received five votes from her fellow housemates, while Jonty received four and Tracey, three.

Liam, who was nominated twice, narrowly escaped facing the public vote after Ziggy changed his mind at the last minute and nominated Tracey instead of Jonty.

The two housemates with the most votes will leave the house on Friday and miss out on the final week of the show. The remaining housemates – Liam, Brian, Carole, Ziggy and the twins – are all assured of a place in the house in the last week.

Kara-Louise – who is facing eviction for the third week in a row – was nominated by the twins, Brian, Liam, Tracey and Ziggy. “I find she can be quite irritating sometimes,” Ziggy said of the student, while Liam complained she was “difficult to live with.”

Tracey received nominations from Carole, Kara-Louise and Ziggy. “I’m very sad to have to do this,” Carole said of her decision. “But she was particularly nasty to Gerry.”

Jonty, meanwhile, was nominated by Tracey, Liam, the twins and Brian. Liam said the 36-year-old could be “childish and irritating” one minute, then “quite boring the next,” while Brian was critical of his butting in on conversations.

“I’ll be having a good conversation with someone and he’ll ruin it by coming over and talking about Bruce Forsyth,” he whined. “It’s really annoying when random Bruce Forsyths are brought into the conversation.”

The only other housemates nominated were Brian and Ziggy, who received one nominations each. This means that Sam and Amanda have managed to make it through the entire series without one single nomination from their fellow housemates.

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