Big Brother: trio slam housemates

Charley, Nicky and Tracey have been discussing their fellow Big Brotherhousemates – with the twins and Liam coming in for a tongue-lashing.

During a late night conversation in the living area on Wednesday, the trio voiced their suspicions that Sam and Amanda were not as sweet as they appeared.

“They’re playing a tight game,” Tracey said. “I’m not really around them because they’re younger.”

“They play like they’re innocent,” Charley added, “but they’re not that naive. They’re lazy and they eat a lot.”

Nicky agreed, accusing Amanda of flirting with Liam. The tree surgeon was among other housemates who came in for a tongue-lashing from the three.

“I don’t think he’s the nice squeaky clean guy he pretends to be,” Nicky said, laughing off suggestions that there might be a romance between the two of them.

The self-confessed man-hater said that she initially thought Liam was the sort who “would restore my faith in blokes”.

“I fancied him when he first came in the house,” she told the others, “and I was a little bit jealous when other people got flirty with him.”

“But that was based on first impressions. Now I’ve got to see him a little bit more it’s a bit off-putting.”

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