Big Brother: TV task passed!

The Big Brother housemates are to receive a luxury shopping budget for the week after passing the BBTV task.

The challenge – which has seen the housemates running their own TV channel and taking part in a variety of shows – ended on Wednesday night with a special edition of Through The Keyhole, renamed Behind Closed Doors.

In the show, the teams had to answer questions about the houses of their two team leaders, Brian and Carole – but they weren’t too successful.

A question about the number of mugs in Brian’s kitchen floored Tracey, while Liam made several attempts to guess the colour of Carole’s sofa – all of which were wrong.

However the final news bulletin of the task – presented by Brian and Tracey – went far more smoothly, with Tracey clearly emotional as she received a special message from her mum.

“Hi Trace. You’re doing very well,” she read. “We miss you lots, but we don’t want to see you too soon though. We watch you every day and everyone’s supporting you. We love you lots and we’ll speak to you soon.”

And finally there was a message from Carole from her daughter, read out by Brian.

“Mum, here is just a short note to tell you that I feel very lucky and proud to have a mum like you,” he said. “I love you very much Mum.”

“Your grandchildren send their love and kisses and hugs and are missing you loads, and can’t wait to see you.”

The final headline of the bulletin was one informing the housemates they had passed the task.

It is the fourth consecutive shopping task they have passed – following the Seven Deadly Sins, Fake Week and Big Brother’s Birthday.

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