Big Brother: Twins’ nan speaks out!

Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda may have left the house but they still have an all seeing eye watching over them – their Grandma.

The girls’ nan has opened up about her fears that their instant fame might corrupt the naive duo.

Irene Marchant, 75, said: “I hope no-one takes advantage of my girls. They’ve never been out of the country, so even for them to travel to London by train on their own to appear on Big Brother was a big worry for me.”

And she revealed that the girls’ father originally banned them from appearing on the show, worried that they might be misrepresented.

“I said, ‘For goodness sake, give them this chance’,” she said and is happy that they did her proud.

“They were popular because they’ve been well-behaved. They don’t swear, they’re happy, they take everything in their stride – and they’re like that in real life. Look at the girls who were turfed out – their language was disgusting.”

It seems the twins’ Nan will be making sure they keep up their squeaky clean image now they are out of the house as well.

“They may do some modelling now. But they won’t do men’s magazines.” Irene said. “The ones where you strip off? No way. Their dad would definitely say no!”

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