Big Brother twist sees two housemates evicted… into the Other House

Two Big Brother contestants have been evicted from the house – but in a surprise twist they will remain contestants on the show.

This year’s show features two houses, the “real house” as well as the “other house”.

Contestants dubbed “The Others” must fight to earn a place in the main house and cause as much mayhem as possible.

Alex Cannon (Channel 5)

Alex Cannon (Channel 5)

Alex Cannon and Jackson Blyton thought they had been permanently evicted from Big Brother during Friday’s episode.

But instead host Emma Willis let them in on a secret: they had been selected for eviction by the six “Others”, and would actually be going into the “other house” rather than packing their bags to go home.

After their “eviction”, she told them: “I can only imagine how gutted you must be… We do need to let you into a little secret. You have lost your place as as housemates, but you have not been voted out by the public.”

Emma Willis

Emma Willis (Ian West/PA)

The two were shocked as they headed into the other house, where the six “Others” were left reeling as they had been told by Big Brother that they were picking two people to send home.

A further surprise followed when “Other” housemates Andrew Tate and Ryan Ruckledge were told during the live eviction that they had been selected by public vote to fill Alex and Jackson’s places as housemates.

Ryan was surprised to be asked to join the main house

Ryan was surprised to be asked to join the main house (Channel 5)

But Emma warned them that they should not let on about the existence of the “other house”, pretending that they do not know each other and have not seen any of the rest of the show.

She instructed the two men: “Your goal is to manipulate and take down.”

Big Brother continues on Channel 5, Saturday, June 11, 10.00pm.

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