Big Brother: We made it dull on purpose

Big Brother bosses have said that they had to make this year’s Big Brother deliberately tame – because of calls for it to be cut.

Following the race row in Celebrity Big Brother, the series this summer got the lowest ratings in BB history.

Tim Hincks, creative director of Endemol, the show’s producers, said that the show had been ‘made safe’ to avoid any scandal, according to reports.

Earlier this year, the racist bullying row which blew up over Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty led viewers to make 45,000 complaints to television watchdogs.

Tim told the Sun: “It’s been on the front pages since January – and there’s no doubt that’s had an effect as no show benefits from over-exposure.

“After the white-knuckle ride of CBB, we wanted a show without mishaps.”

He added that there were fears “the wheels had come off”.

And he revealed that next year’s show, for which contestants are already being sought, might need to be adjusted – following very average viewing figures of just 3.8 million, down a million from 2006.

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