Big Brother: Weighty punishment for duo

Laura and Nicky have become the latest Big Brother housemates to be punished for breaking the rule of discussing nominations.

The pair were called to the Diary Room on Thursday evening and told that as a result of their actions they would be chained together at the ankles to a large weight – known as the Weight Of Responsibility – until further notice.

They have been told that when one of them wants to move around the house, the other – or both of them – have to pick up the weight and carry it.

And the pair are only allowed to unchain themselves to use the toilet – but the other housemate must wait for them outside.

Initially, Laura and Nicky were amused by the punishment, but soon realised the downside when they retreated to the caravan for a nap.

“How are we gonna sleep in these?” Laura asked. “It’s not funny really, is it?”

Since the Welsh nanny is favourite to be voted out of the house on Friday, however, she may not be in chains for long…

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