Big Brother: Where’s the party?

The Big Brother housemates have won themselves a rather lacklustre party after completing a task in which they were rated and slated.

The group was informed on Thursday afternoon that Big Brother would be providing them with a basic party – consisting of one cup cake, one can of shandy, and one song.

In order to upgrade themselves to a much better party, Ziggy was sent to the Diary Room while the other housemates ranked themselves in a series of categories – Best Housemate, Spinelessness and Nastiness.

The former pop star then had to guess who had been ranked most and least in which category, with the party being upgraded according to the number of correct answers.

He got off to a bad start by naming Carole as the Best Housemate – while the others chose Liam – but correctly named Kara-Louise as the worst housemate, much to her annoyance.

“I’m so offended,” she said.

“Let’s not celebrate that,” Liam decided. “That’s so not cool.”

Ziggy also correctly guessed that Liam was the Least Spineless housemate but failed to get any other answers right. He guessed Tracey would be named Most Nasty Housemate while the group had plumped for Kara-Louise, and picked the twins as Least Nasty while the housemates had in fact chosen Jonty.

All of which means the party will now include a bottle of champagne and six Scotch eggs to add to the cup cake and can of shandy. Housemates will also get the chance to dance – to Stefan Dennis’ 1980s classic Don’t It Make You Feel Good.

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