Big Brother: Who nominated who?

Charley and Nicky face eviction from the Big Brother house this week after receiving eleven nominations between them.

Nicky was nominated six times while Charley received five nominations.

Among those who named Nicky were Amanda, Carole, Chanelle, Gerry, Liam and Ziggy.

Gerry criticised the 28-year-old’s tendency to “manipulate people into situations,” while Liam described her as “a little bit vindictive”.

“Everything is a game to her,” he said. “Everyone is the bad person and she’s just misunderstood.”

Charley, meanwhile, received nominations from Chanelle, Gerry, Liam, Sam and Ziggy. Gerry said the 22-year-old had “got away with murder so far”.

“She hasn’t been up for nominations for six weeks now and I think it’s unacceptable,” he said.

“She’s had a huge fight with the vast majority of the people in this house and I even found myself dragged into a huge fight with her that was out of character.”

Ziggy said that Charley had a funny side to her but criticised her behaviour. “It’s been a difficult decision because I’ve found myself growing closer to her,” he pointed out, “but she plays games with people’s heads.”

Both housemates and nominees are unaware that the person voted out by the public will be going straight back into the house after their eviction interview, as part of Big Brother’s Fake Week.

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