Big Brother: Will Chanelle walk?

The twins have stepped in to try and cheer up Chanelle after a series of stressful incidents saw her threatening to leave the Big Brother house.

The 19-year-old discussed her dilemma with Sam and Amanda on Wednesday morning – and the ever-perky pair did their best to dissuade her from walking out.

“I don’t know whether to go,” she told them.

“Why, because one person’s not speaking to you?” asked Sam – referring to the fact that Carole was refusing to have anything to do with Chanelle following her meltdown over the talent show task.

Chanelle pointed out that Charley was giving her the cold shoulder as well, but the twins reassured her that people not talking to each other in the house was commonplace.

“It will be dead boring,” begged Amanda, “don’t go.”

“You will end up speaking,” Sam said of Carole. “Nicky called her an old hag and she ended up speaking to her after.”

And Sam pointed out that while the twins were still in there, Chanelle still had friends in the house.

“I came in here expecting not to get on with people,” Amanda added If you leave because someone’s not speaking to you that you will always look back and say ‘why did I leave? I could have been there’. You’ll be gutted.”

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