Big Brother: Will Jonathan walk?

Jonathan has informed his fellow Big Brotherhousemates that he wants to leave the house – and will decide one way or another on Thursday.

He made the announcement following a conversation in the Diary Room, in which Big Brother suggested the 49-year-old should consult his fellow housemates about quitting.

“I’m very happy…but walking around with Brian this morning I asked myself why I was here,” the millionaire businessman told the others.

“I’ve been so reckless to do this,” he added, reeling off a list of items in the outside world he had put on hold in order to take part in Big Brother.

He also told the housemates that he missed his family and friends and felt he had been selfish in coming on to the show in the first place.

“It’s not to do with the house,” he insisted. “This journey is all about me. I feel like I’ve won Big Brother because I’ve got something out of it.”

Naturally his decision was met with protests. “We don’t want you to go!” shouted Laura. Liam, meanwhile, said he should go out in style. “Take all your clothes off and do a pants dance,” he suggested.

Jonathan told Big Brother on Wednesday evening that he will sleep on his decision and give them a final answer in the morning.

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