A tensions run high in the Big Brother house, chef Rex Newmark has been telling housemates he wants to quit the Channel 4 show.

At the weekend, Rex repeatedly told his fellow Big Brother housemates that he wanted to leave.

He said: “I think some people are really going to annoy me. It’s not about challenging myself, I find this highly unstimulating and boring. I don’t need to be in here anymore.”

Late on Saturday night, Rex confided in Mohamed, Rachel, Kat and Darnell that he was ready to abandon his bid for TV fame.

He said: “I can’t take it anymore. I’m just not bothered.”

Bookmakers are so convinced that Rex will quit, they have suspended betting on it. Ladbrokes spokesman, Nick Weinberg said: “We think it’s only a matter of time before one of the inmates calls it quits.”

Rex was particularly feeling the strain on Saturday evening after a run-in with Rebecca over some cookies he had made. She then proceeded to tell the house that Rex was a p****.

But that wasn’t Rebecca’s only argument of the day and she was later hauled into the diary room by Big Brother and cautioned about her behaviour following an argument with Darnell in which she branded him a ‘s*** stirrer’.

Bex blasted: “You’re just a s*** stirrer Darnell, that’s all you are, you can’t be trusted. I’ve changed my opinion of you in here, I really have.”

Big Brother warned her that such outbursts would not be tolerated. Alex and Dennis have already been ejected from the house for unacceptable behaviour.