Big Brother: Yet another food fight!

Gerry and Carole have come to blows in the Big Brother house once more – and yet again it was over food.

The hungry housemates were coming to terms with losing their luxury shopping budget on Wednesday night when the fight broke out.

What began as an inocuous discussion about the shopping list – with Carole pointing out that she and Jonty probably spent less money on their food since they were both vegetarian – quickly flared up as the 53-year-old talked about rationing the food.

“The reason we all ate tonight is because we conserved our food, and still managed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner,” she said.

“Well some people had breakfast,” said Gerry, implying that he hadn’t – and Carole wasn’t happy.

“F*** off Gerry,” she snapped. “Don’t you dare say that. You got toast this morning.”

“Don’t say I had breakfast,” retorted Gerry. “Don’t curse to me! You’re not the only here with feelings, I have feelings too. You cannot speak to me like that!”

“Well don’t tell me you didn’t have breakfast,” shouted Carole, sounding close to tears.

Gerry insisted he didn’t want to get involved in arguments about food, but Carole wasn’t listening.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t had breakfast, because I made sure you had three meals. Don’t tell me you haven’t had things. These guys haven’t had things either, but they don’t go around moaning.”

“We’re all hungry Carole,” Gerry pointed out.

“Well go and tell Big Brother to evict me and have the budget back,” roared Carole, “because I don’t really care!”

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