Big Brother: Ziggy desperate for fame, says pal

Big Brother halfway housemate Ziggy was apparently banned from a modelling agency – because he begged them for work too often.

Believing that a career as a model would bring him cash, fame and women, he reportedly signed up at a London agency and had a portfolio of shots taken.

Every week for several months he would attend the agency’s weekly casting sessions, hoping that he would land a role, a friend told The Sun newspaper.

The reality TV lothario, now 26, apparently spent his teens changing his image and trawling agencies for his big break.

The friend told the paper: “He didn’t understand that week after week the answer would be the same – even if he changed his image.”

Although Ziggy, otherwise known as Zac, was offered parts as an extra in films, it seems he believed the key to success was catwalk modelling.

When nothing happened, Ziggy auditioned for the band Northern Line, which, after brief chart success, eventually dissolved.

The friend said: “Zac wanted to be famous and didn’t care how. Going on Big Brother proves it.”

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