Big Brother: Ziggy has roving eye

Big Brother‘s ladies man Ziggy may already be setting his sights on his next conquest, if a conversation with Gerry is anything to go by.

In an hour-long chat in the garden on Thursday morning, the former pop star admitted he would love to see a “sexy older woman” in the house. “Someone about 35 who doesn’t talk about themselves all the time,” he said.

And he told his fellow housemate that his relationship with Chanelle has left him feeling restricted – and that he has mixed feelings about the possibility of her leaving the house on Friday.

“If Chanelle goes, it will leave me free, on my own, to start doing what I want to do.”

“Sometimes I’ve felt like I can’t do what I want to do because of Chanelle being in here. And even if I then go next Friday, I’ll be happy.”

Gerry assured Ziggy that he wouldn’t be evicted next week. “Next Friday, I see Charley leaving,” he said.

“She has upset so many people in the house and on the outside, and she knows it.”

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