Big Brother: Ziggy reunited with doggy pal

Ziggy’s beloved dog Molly has paid a guest visit to the Big Brother house as part of the BBTV task.

The Shar Pei was brought in on Monday night to accompany her owner in a special programme on the channel – set up as part of this week’s shopping task – called One Man And Ziggy’s Dog.

The 26-year-old was set the challenge of training his pet to complete an obstacle course in the garden – while Liam acted as the show’s presenter.

Ziggy was thrilled to see his pet, who went straight to him for a cuddle – but wasn’t quite so enthusiastic when it came to completing the course.

The other housemates, watching from inside the house – so as not to frighten Molly – were amused as the dog went under the hurdles instead of over them.

“That’s so funny, she’s so clever,” giggled Chanelle.

However, Molly soon got the hang of the course – even successfully jumping on to the podium at the end.

And it was an emotional moment when Ziggy had to say goodbye to his pet. “It’s probably one of the biggest moments in telly that,” Liam said.

And although Ziggy was sad to see her go, he was hugely grateful to Big Brother – and told them so in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

It’s been a special day, pretty amazing,” he gushed like an excited puppy. “I don’t think anyone else can say that they’ve had that experience in here. I’m overwhelmed.

“I was amazed to see Molly, I will mark this day as one of the most special days of my life.”

The TV task has been emotional for other members of the house. During a BBTV news bulletin on the first day of the task Charley – who was one of the news presenters – was surprised with a special message from her sister.

The It Girl struggled to maintain her composure as she read the greeting.

Other highlights of the task have included a game show in which the housemates had to answer questions about themselves, and promotional adverts for Slop and the Diary Room chair.

See highlights of the task in our photo gallery.

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