Big Brother: Ziggy’s a halfway housemate!

Ziggy has gone into Big Brother‘s Halfway House following the arrival of David and Kara-Louise as fully-fledged new housemates.

On Monday the group voted for two of the five people from the Halfway House to join them in the main house – but in a twist, they also had to choose one of the regular housemates to swap places with the new arrivals.

The housemates – who were told they all had to stand up and say face to face who they wanted to leave – were shocked, but Ziggy saved them the agony of making a decision by volunteering to leave.

“I’ll go, I could do with some time out of here,” said the 26-year-old, who was still shattered by Chanelle’s departure earlier in the day. “Pick me, seriously. It can’t get any madder than this.”

Ziggy wept as the housemates went along with his wishes and chose him for the Halfway House – and was summoned to the Diary Room as soon as the voting was over.

“I’m OK,” he told Big Brother, “it’s the maddest day ever, I’m fine.”

And he was warmly welcomed by Amy, Shanessa and Jonty when he arrived. As yet, the housemates have been given no indication how long Ziggy has to stay there – or indeed how long the remaining ‘halfway housemates’ will be staying.

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