Big Brother: Ziggy’s fourth, Liam’s third

Ziggy has finished in fourth place on the final night of Big Brother, with just Liam, Brian and the twins remaining in the house.

The former pop star – who had been in the house since Day 3 of the series exited the house to a mixed response, with many cheers but also a few audible boos. “Nice crowd!” he shouted.

He told Davina that he never expected to last as long in the show as he did. “I’m just delighted to be fourth, it’s a huge huge thing for me.”

However there was only one thing which Davina wanted to know about – and that was Ziggy’s romance with Chanelle. “I like that,” he said when told that the pair had been dubbed “Chiggy”, and added that Chanelle looked gorgeous.

He remained philosophical about his on-off relationship with the Posh lookalike. “It’s pretty tough in there,” he admitted, “and I don’t think I dealt with it well. I look back on the day she left and I wish she’d stayed because I think she’d still be there tonight.”

Liam, who left the house to huge cheers, thanked everyone for voting for him.

The 23-year-old said he felt a “mixture of emotions” upon being awarded £100,000 during his time in the house. “I felt like I didn’t deserve it,” he said, adding that he hadn’t mentioned the money since because “nobody likes a show-off”.

He said he would be spending the money on “my dad, my mum and everyone I care about.”

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