Big Brother: Ziggy’s missing Chanelle

Ziggy has admitted to the other residents of Big Brotherhalfway house that he is missing Chanelle since she left on Monday.

He confessed his true feelings to fellow halfway housemate Jonty on Tuesday evening, saying he loved her and wanted to see her again.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve missed Chanelle like crazy today,” he told the museum worker. “Big time. Quite a weird feeling.”

“It must be really tough on you,” Jonty said, “She’s a lovely person.”

“I was sitting here today before I was going to sleep,” Ziggy adedd, “and thinking that I remember when we just used to lie there and I’d lie and just look at her and then fall asleep. Which is very, very weird and very, very cheesy.”

“But it just got way too difficult in here. If I can ever explain that to anyone, but…you’ve got to be in here to realise it.”

Jonty assured him that all was not lost. “It’ll be very different when you’re not in here and you can see what you’re about,” he said sympathetically – but Ziggy was not convinced.

“I dunno, man,” he concluded. “She probably won’t want to see me.”

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