Big Brother’s Angel: ‘They all hate me!’

There have been tears in the Big Brother house as contestants waited to find out who would be the next up for eviction.

Beinazir Lasharie has already been voted off this year’s show after failing to earn housemate status.

But now remaining inhabitants are feeling the pressure at having to nominate each other for eviction for the first time, with Russian-born boxer Angel even stating that fellow housemates ‘hated’ her.

Angel, a 35-year-old professional fighter, poured her heart out to Lisa, 41, from Birmingham, in the bathroom after a row with 23-year-old Brazilian student Rodrigo.

He told her she needed to be more positive and later moaned to his housemates: “We need to enjoy. Stop thinking the negative.

“Of course if we’re up for eviction, we’ll all be very upset, but at the moment we don’t know yet.”

Angel told Lisa: “Everyone hates me. I’ve always been on my own.

“They’re so different from who I am. They hate me. I’m slightly different. I’m just an ugly girl.”

But Lisa said with a laugh: “Look at me. Do you think I look normal?”

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