Big Brother’s Big Talent Show

Ziggy’s singing and Chanelle’s violin skills are among those talents being put to the test in the latest part of Big Brother‘s BBTV challenge.

The pair are among those who have been nominated by Big Brother to take part in the BBTV Talent Show on the channel set up specially for this week’s shopping task.

Ziggy has been set the challenge of performing Love On The Northern Line – his best-known hit with former band Northern Line – which reached number 15 in the charts in 2000.

Carole will perform the Led Zeppelin classic Stairway To Heaven, while Brian will tackle the Streets hit Fit But You Know It, and Liam is being given the chance to show off his keyboard prowess.

The remaining housemates will make up the production team of the show, with Gerry chosen by the others as Executive Producer.

However, not all of the talented housemates are happy. Ziggy looked embarrassed when told he would be returning to his boy band roots. “That’s not even funny,” he said.

And Chanelle – who can play the violin to Grade 7 standard – was horrified when she was told she would be playing Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the show.

“I can’t,” she gasped. “I’ve got to cut my nails. I don’t want to play the violin on TV.”

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