Caoimhe and John James must tackle each other in the Save and Replace task after they were nominated to face the public vote in Big Brother.

The quiffed Irish punk and the lanky Australian received four nominations each from among their nine fellow housemates and John James nominated Caoimhe, but she did not nominate him.

On Tuesday morning as they were getting up and contemplating the weekly task, John James said: “I would rather just go up myself than put someone else up because it would make me feel like a rat boy.”

Ife and Ben both received three nominations each, Corin received two and Nathan and Steve received one each. Mario, Josie and Dave didn’t attract any nominations.

The housemates have woken up to find there is no hot water after Ife tried speaking to the Tree of Temptation in the bathroom on Monday night, asking for a task.

As she lay in bed Caoimhe lamented the departure of her friend Shabby.

She confessed: “I genuinely can say that the friendship we have made is the most amazing that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friendship like it.

“We just enjoyed each other so much. Yes, she had other feelings that I didn’t feel or whatever, but the connection was just amazing and I feel so privileged to have met her and got to know her, and I know we’ll be really good friends on the outside. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friendship like it.

“I love her from the bottom of my heart.”