Caoimhe has confirmed she quit Big Brother because she was missing her boyfriend – not because she didn’t want to face the public vote.

The Irish lass said: “I wanted to get out and see my boyfriend. I was finding it quite difficult. I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I was before, so I just felt it was the right time to leave.”

Since leaving the house, the 22-year-old has spoken to her boyfriend, and claims he didn’t see anything wrong with her cosying up to lesbian housemate Shabby.

“He said he thought I was funny,” she revealed, adding: “Everything’s OK.”

When asked about her boyfriend’s reaction to her proposal and desire to get married in the Big Brother house, she said: “I think he was a little bit shocked at first. He said ‘maybe not in the house, but definitely on the outside’. We’re taking things a day at a time.”

She claimed not to have walked because she feared a public eviction, saying: “No that didn’t faze me at all. Some people obviously really want to have that five minutes with Davina, but that really wasn’t a big issue for me.”

She went on: “I assumed I would be up again this week, but that didn’t bother me at all either because I did ask them to put me up so I was expecting it.”

The feisty Dubliner was at the heart of many of the arguments in the house, and feels that her determination to speak her mind was the reason for the series of rows, admitting: “I think I spoke my mind. I would rather speak my mind than be fake.”

Her last bust-up was with new housemate Keeley – and she’s keen for the blonde to be booted out by the public, saying: “She would be the one I would like to see go!”