Big Brother’s Carole: I’m skint!

While Chanelle, Brian and the twins lap up exclusive deals, Big Brother’s Carole Vincent has had to sign on the dole, claiming she is “completely skint”.

The 53-year-old signed on at the Job Centre after losing £3,000 worth of benefits during her 13 weeks in the house, when her daughter Ebony had to pay her rent, according to reports in The Daily Star.

She told the paper: “I lost a lot of money going into the house and still had bills coming in. I know quite a few of the younger finalists like Ziggy, Chanelle and the twins are on their way to becoming millionaires, but I’m not jealous.”

The self-imposed house ‘mum’ added: “There are no lucrative deals for me. If I had won the show, I would have used a bit of the money to pay bills and go on a holiday, the rest I would have given to charity.”

But cleaning-mad Carole does have a couple of plans up her sleeve – she wants to release a Big Brother cookbook and make a sex education video with host Davina McCall.

She said: “Because Big Brother was so tight with us on the food and I’m a vegetarian, lots of viewers were sending in recipes to help me but I wasn’t allowed to see them until the show ended.’

Carole said she had talked to Davina about the lack of sex education in schools at the wrap party.

“We chatted about doing something together because I’ve been a sex health and HIV adviser,” she revealed.

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