TV presenter Davina McCall meets a grisly end in a new zombie horror series set in the Big Brother house.

The star makes a cameo appearance in the forthcoming five-part E4 show Dead Set.

The thriller is set in a fictional Big Brother house, which is increasingly under threat from the bloodthirsty masses. Davina plays herself, as the horrific events unfold during an eviction night.

Dead Set is written by Charlie Brooker, who is known for his writing in the Guardian and his BBC Four series Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe.

He said: “Just as a shopping mall was the ideal setting for the original Dawn Of The Dead back in 1978, so the Big Brother house seemed fitting for a TV zombie epic set in the 21st century.

“Dead Set isn’t an out-and-out comedy, but an unashamedly populist horror-thriller with blackly comic undertones. Think 24 with zombies. And housemates. And gore.”

Dead Set also stars Jaime Winstone as production runner Kelly working on the fictional series of Big Brother. Former Big Brother housemates also make cameo appearances.

Dead Set is being broadcast on E4 this month.