Big Brother’s Imogen defends pal Rachel

Big Brother 7 star Imogen Thomas has hit out at Rex Newmark for ‘bullying’ her friend Rachel Rice.

Imogen, who met Rachel when they both competed in the Miss Wales pageant in 2003, spoke out after chef Rex berated Rachel for ‘faking’ her personality at the Big Brother auditions in order to win a place on the show.

Imogen told The Sun: “Just because she hasn’t made herself the centre of attention doesn’t mean she’s a liar.”

She added: “I know she’s been quiet in there, but it hasn’t been easy with such big personalities around her.

“Rach is always really bubbly, sexy and confident. I don’t care what Rex thinks – whoever you are in your audition video is who you are.”

A row between Rex and Rachel erupted in the house on Sunday night after Rex and the other heavenly housemates were shown the audition videos of the housemates from hell.

Rex, Stuart, Mohamed and Mikey were left stunned by Rachel’s clip, in which she described herself as “chatty, happy and enthusiastic.”

He ranted: “It’s a fake, you’re a liar. If you’d come across as you did in your VT, you’d have been my favourite housemate. But it’s not you, it’s nothing like you and you know it. I’d swap you for Scrabble!”

Imogen said that Rachel’s bubbly side would start to come through if she stayed in the house.

She added: “It takes some girls a while to show their real self especially when you’ve never left Wales.

“As the numbers went down I became myself so much more.”