The Big Brother housemates are getting up close and personal as part of their latest challenge.

Boxer JJ is striving to maintain maximum physical contact with other contestants as part of the show’s Personal Space Invader task.

And he wasted no time in getting down to business, initiating a game in which the housemates paired up and touch toes as they sought to see who could raise their legs for the longest.

Big Brother has teamed up JJ with Andrew in the latest task. Acting as a secret assistant to Andrew’s scientist, JJ must attempt to press the flesh for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, his partner will record the results. If successful both will be rewarded with a special dinner.

They will be joined by any housemate who maintains in physical contact with JJ for more than three minutes.

As a result of the leg lifting game, Corin unknowingly won the right to sit in on the special meal.

The activity helped lift the atmosphere in the house following the confiscation of the boys’ marbles on Saturday.

The Big Brother housemates had their playthings taken away as punishment after Sam Pepper drew a chalk circle on the floor.

It resulted in angry housemates threatening rebellion, although none went through with the mooted revolt.