Big Brother’s Josie: ‘I fancy John James’

Josie and John James (or ‘JJ’) could be Big Brother 11’s first budding romance, after Josie’s revelation to fellow housemate Ife that she does fancy JJ and then cosying up in bed together.

The two blondes have engaged in flirtation for days now, giggling around each other and JJ even telling Josie that he would ‘never leave her’.

According to the official Big Brother website, the Bristolian admitted: “I think I fancy him sometimes.

Before adding: “But I know he’s not even considering it”.

Ife tried to convince Josie otherwise by commenting how she can see something between the two of them and asked her: “Don’t you think it’s nice having someone to get you through this?”

Although Josie agreed, she also reiterated that they were simply friends and said of JJ: “I know he doesn’t look at me like that.”

Hours later, Josie and the David Beckham look-a-like were caught giggling and whispering in bed together, under the sheets. The Big Brother website reported their conversation to be ‘intimate’.

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