Big Brother’s Karly: ‘I forgive Kenneth’

Former Big Brother housemate Karly has revealed that she has forgiven her boyfriend Kenneth for flirting in the house.

The 21-year-old model left the house minutes before Kenneth walked in, and wasn’t pleased when she discovered him chatting up Noirin and Dogface before he escaped the house last week.

“When I first watched it, I wanted to wring his neck!” she told Star magazine.

She went on: “I was so angry I was shouting at the TV. I was like ‘he better cool it or else!'”

But she revealed that they’re still together and will be working on their relationship.

“We’re going to book a holiday, to spend some time with each other. We’ve been apart for eight weeks,” Karly said.

“I was really honest with him and told him that he had upset me. But you have to work at a relationship and I’m not the kind that holds grudges for long.

“Trust is the most important thing, so we are working at it on both sides. I think we can make it work.”

She added: “I still feel hurt but we’ve had some time to talk and as time goes on, I feel much better.”