Big Brother loser Mario Marconi has high hopes for his career, saying he wants to be “the Simon Cowell of the modelling industry”.

The 42-year-old’s proclamation has been fuelled by his new job as a judge for the Nuts Babe Search 2008 final.

Mario, whose girlfriend Lisa is still in the house, told Nuts TV: “I’m hoping this could be the start of a successful career as a celebrity judge.

“I’d love to be the Simon Cowell of the modelling industry. In fact I’d go as far as saying I’ve actually got a better job than Simon Cowell – I’ll be getting paid to judge sexy girls wearing next to nothing. What could be better?”

But the former probabtion officer is still worried about health and safety issues. He said: “It goes without saying I’ll be looking after the girls. I’ll be making sure they get lots of drinks. I don’t want any incidents like I had in the house.

“Health and safety is always paramount in any competition – especially a prestigious event like this.”